Carty Military Nylon Strap 6 Packs 18mm 20mm 22mm Watch Band Nylon Replacement Watch Straps for Men Women


  • NEW LOOK DAILY: military nylon watch bands for men women, no need to remove spring bars to swap different color combinations in and out. People have at least 10 different replacement bands, use different every day. The clear color nylon bands need to wash monthly. Buy multiple set and swap in seconds for a new look daily! Plus you can change the bands for your occasion, which leaves people wondering just how many watches you have.
  • Military nylon watch straps 18mm 6 pack: Good nylon watchbands at an fantastic price. It is exactly what you see in the pictures meaning if you like what you see you will love them! Soft, breathable, comfortable, waterproof, Stink resistant and machine washable. Each strap is 1.2mm thin but they hold the watch well and are made with durable material. Nylon watch band 6 pack, set of colorful bands add comfort and brightness for people who want to look at their wrist for the correct time.
  • ENJOY YOURSELVES: Carty watch bands nylon watch strap pack can be worn on a dive watch while underwater. After latent water, recommend giving a quick rinse after taking it in saltwater, can extend the use the time of strap. With its durable, dirt & wet resistant features, you can enjoy yourself with no concern while doing fitness, swimming, diving, or climbing. Fit for Casual,Fashion or Sport watch style. 18mm nylon watch bands for women Not fit for smart watch.
  • SELECT WIDTH: ‘Small’ length (available in 18mm, 20mm watch strap nylon) 25cm/9.8 inches(not include buckle),normally fits wrist 5.9″(150mm)-7.08 “(180mm)use the last third hole. ‘Standard’ version (available in 22mm watch strap nylon) 27cm?10.65 inches(not include buckle), normally fits wrist 5.9″(150mm)-7.48 “(190mm)use the last third hole. 18mm nylon watch strap replacement watch band for digital or analog quartz watches.
  • Contact us, anything for size issue. More Q&A, pls see description. Package comes 1pack nylon watch band 18mm with tool and 4 spare spring bars in Carty Brand gift bags. If you and your friend is always breaking or wearing out his watch bands… yet the watch itself okay. 6 pcs packs are very good value.

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Product Description

CARTY watch straps, we’re a new brand since 2017. We focus on develop functional and compatibility replacement watch band straps.

Well-make & Best watch strap in this range. Carty Brand makes premium quality and medium quality watch band.

Carty military nylon watch bands More Q&A:

Will they be out of shape after wearing for a long time?

Answer: If after wearing for a few months, holes have begun to fray, or appear split ends, you can use a lighter flame to recover.

Quality good?

Answer: It depends on how rough you are with them. They’ve held up pretty close to as good as the more expensive straps that are 9-11 dollars each. If you want super durable, get the straps that are labeled heavy duty nylon strap.

How to use?

Answer:Just search YouTube for nylon band and you can see a video on how to install them.

Are these watch straps for women?

They’re unisex. It needs to be based on width and length to choose size. 18mm watch bands for women, 20mm watch bands for men or women. 22mm watch bands for men.Not suitable for smart watches, not compatible with swatch that requires a special band.

Carty nylon show
  • A reasonably good value, but quality designs, and much better than others in the same range.
  • A new watch every week.
  • Not fit for smart watches.
  • Notes: thickness 1.2mm thin but durable.
  • Not fit bigger wrist more than 7.5″.

Carty nylon watch strap pack, comes with tool and 4 spare spring bars in Carty Brand gift bags.


Carty Military Nylon Strap 6 Packs

Carty 6 pack military nylon watch strap bands are a must have for any watch enthusiast and ready for Casual,Fashion or Sport watch style.Good nylon watchbands and durable.Soft, breathable, comfortable, waterproof, Stink resistant and machine washable.

Carty Military straps are available in two lengths.

The ‘small’ length (10″) generally fits wrists from 5″ to 7.08 ” and is available in widths of 18mm, 20mm. The ‘standard’ version (11″) generally fits wrists from 5.9″ to 7.48″ and is available in 20mm, 22mm widths. Those with wrists under 7″ typically prefer the ‘small’ length band and those with wrists over 7 1/4″ typically prefer the ‘standard’ band. Not fit bigger wrist more than 7.5″.

CARTY choose size

Carty nylon install

Carty nylon adjust length

Use a metric ruler to measure the width where the current band attaches to the watch head or Search online for the specs of your watch make/model.

Carty nylon watch bands are compatible with any traditional watch that uses standard 18mm, 20mm, 22mm spring bars.


Refer to diagram in picture above.


If you have slender small wrist, you will have to fold back the end. Or you can cut the suitable length to match your wrist, and use lighter flame to avoid fraying.


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