Hoop Messenger already banned

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Band Messenger, an underrated informing application is as of now prohibited upon dispatch. In view of day by day positions, Hoop Messenger was headed to pick up ubiquity among Iranian clients. Despite the fact that applications like Telegram and WhatsApp are as yet operational and favored in Iran, Hoop offers distinctive arrangements of highlights which separates itself from other informing applications. For instance, their Proxy Browser, this enabled clients to visit any site of decision namelessly and safely. Vault, a scrambled part of Hoop which enables clients to encode photographs, recordings and different documents in a single application. These are only two highlights of numerous that lead Hoop to its blockage in Iran.

We trust the Iranian government understood this application might be the substitution of Telegram; the utilization of decision by Iranians and Hoop might be a risk of having its spot. Therefore, amid its three-week promoting effort, the Iranian authorities paid heed to this application and restricted its active associations with Hoop servers.

Raised warnings

By what means can different applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram be accessible in Iran for a considerable length of time, yet Hoop Messenger is restricted inside 3 weeks? This boycott has raised significant banners. This shows other to be asserted “secure applications” have made mystery manages the Iranian government to keep an eye on its clients by giving secondary passage get to. On the off chance that this wasn’t the situation, Hoop wouldn’t be restricted in 3 weeks. Since the Facebook embarrassment, it is incredible to see there are new businesses that really care about client’s protection and information.


We have as of late talked with the Hoop group and they have specified that they are right now taking a shot at a strong in-house “Hostile to Filter  Obviously, battling the world’s legislatures might be precarious yet the Hoop group is committed to ensure clients and to be the genuine pioneer of advanced obstruction.

Band Messenger effectively prohibited?

Key highlights of Hoop Messenger

End to End Chat encryption in Vault

End to End Calls

Encoded numerous Alias accounts which are isolated and untraceable to ace record

Intermediary program

Unrecognizable area

Shred records after cancellation, (to anticipate information recuperation once erased)

Remote erase account from anyplace

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